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We are Hard Wearing Glass, a company that specialises in industrial-strength glass. We provide a range of glass-based products to a variety of companies and institutions who require large quantities of glass.  For example, we provide windows for airports and hospitals.

We don’t just sell glass. We also sell industrial-strength glass cleaner. The concentration of foam is capable of removing smudges, dirt and grime even with a small spray. We have selected our products so that they provide the very best service to our customers. Our cleaning product is also able to clean other surfaces such as tile, metal and vinyl without leaving streaks.

Our strong glass is able to withstand most debris and weather but we also design them to be aesthetically pleasing and within affordable budgets. Our relationship with technology experts gives us an insight into the best materials that we can offer our customers.

Our years of experience have taught us how to provide the best services to our customers. We’re experts in this field and always want to make sure we provide you with the product that matches your requirements.

Hard Wearing Glass - Toughened glass

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